Monday, April 20, 2009

Going through Hell

This morning's sermon was titled "You Can't Escape Hell." I am never good at remembering sermons word for word so I'll just say it like I heard it. I swear it was preached straight to me. The pastor said something about even if we don't go to Hell after we die, we all go through Hell here on earth. He talked about how after we have been through our Hell, we are afraid that we will go through this same Hell again. And no one can say for sure whether or not we will. But God knows and He has a plan. He will be with us through it all and will bring us out on the other side, stronger.

Pastor told a story of a huge fire in L.A. County. A family was escaping in their car, but the husband took a wrong turn. They ended up on top of a mountain with a 40 foot wall of fire on all sides of them. The family cried, they apologized to one another. The man sobbed and told his family he was sorry he took the wrong turn. That it was all his fault that they were going to die. Then all of a sudden he made a decision. He decided that he wouldn't just let his family sit there and experience a sure death. He grabbed the steering wheel, hit the gas pedal and floored it through the flames. The rubber melted off the tires, the car came crashing out on the other side of the flames and slammed into the side of a mountain. The car was dented, scratched, and beat up. But the family came out alive.

I am nervous about this pregnancy. I can deny it all I want and say "I've received all these signs, I know it'll all be okay." But that would be a lie. I am in the middle of Hell and I'm afraid I'll have to go through it all over again. But this message this morning gave me hope. That if I hold on tight, floor the accelerator, and just keep on going through, that God will bring me out on the other side alive. God will take care of this baby. He knows I'm afraid. But He is using this Hell to make me a stronger person and have a stronger faith. And I know that when I get out on the other side of this Hell, that there will be a beautiful gift on the other side, my new little baby. I'm not saying the pain won't still be there. But I hope it will be less severe. I know that God is using this Fire to mold me into the mommy, wife, and follower of Christ that I am meant to be.


  1. Wow. I really like that sermon and story. It sure does make sense when you go through losing a child. I know how nervous you are about the pregnancy, and it is understandable. Just know there are lots of people here for hold your hand every step of the way and help you accelerate through the pain!

  2. This post describes exactly how I feel. Thanks.