Sunday, March 15, 2009


I got back to Texas last Sunday. I had my Dr's appointment on Thursday, March 12. Everything is back to normal. She said I do not need the blood tests that she originally said we'd need to do. She also said that they reccommend waiting 3 months to get pregnant again, but she said several times that is would not be a big deal if I got pregnant before that. I started my first PP cycle yesterday and we are going to try this cycle!

Tonight at church was hard. My friend was there with her brand new baby girl. She was premature and only weighs 5 pounds. She was precious. When I first saw her, I started crying. My friend understood though and was very comforting. Her sister lost a baby at 27 weeks, 2 years ago. Later on tonight at dinner, I held the new baby and it was actually very comforting. She is absolutely lovely.

Michael and I still haven't been by to order Dylan's headstone. I am ready to do that. Maybe we'll go sometime this week.

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  1. I hope it doesn't take you long to conceive. Good luck with the headstone. I know what you pick will be beautiful.