Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am angry tonight. I am sick and tired of hearing about pregnant people. I am sick of having to act happy so as not to offend anyone. Honestly? I'm not really all that happy for them. I should be pregnant right now too and no one even acknowledges that. I know I'm being selfish..but I don't really care, it's just how I feel.

Tonight on a message board that I frequent (it's not a baby board), some girls were talking about cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers and was (and still am for future babies) planning on using them. I have quite a few diapers that I already bought, and some that I made. It made me so mad that they were discussing this! I couldn't bring myself to discuss it with them. I was just so hurt by this. I should still be buying and making diapers for my son. I can't even look at them right now! I just want to scream and cry. :(

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  1. I'm so sorry. Honestly, I am pregnant again and I am STILL not happy for all other people who get pregnant. It isn't fair. You should be pregnant right now and it sucks that you have to see other people going on with their lives when yours was turned upside down. I hope you don't have to see too much more of it. I know how much it affected me to see those bellies and still bothers me, especially for people who got pregnant so easily. I had to disconnect from a baby board because there was a woman due at the same time as me, and I couldn't stand seeing her posts of all the things I should have been experiencing. It is okay to be angry and sad. My heart aches for you...because I understand. Hugs.