Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Children's Park

Michael and I went to the Children's Park after our appointment Wednesday. It was so beautiful there! Every year in October they host a butterfly release in memory of our babies. There are stones lining the walk-ways with babies' and childrens' names in memory of them. Michael and I would like to purchase a stone one day...though they are expensive and we'll have to save up since we just spent a good chunk of money on Dylan's headstone. Here are some pictures from around the park.

Life size, solid granite teddy bears. They were so cute!!

One of the waterfalls

The stone for my dear friend's baby, born into Heaven at 27 weeks

I just couldn't resist sitting on those cute bears for a photo. :)


  1. What a beautiful park!!!!!

  2. That is awesome! They are building one at a hospital near me and we have purchased a brick with Gregory's info on it. I can't wait til the place is all set up and I can walk through it and find my baby's marker. Glad you have that place to reflect in.