Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twisted cords

I have been reading a lot lately. Not really about the cause of death of my baby but about stillbirth, loss, pregnancy after loss, etc. I have come to realize that cord twisting is almost never mentioned. Other cord accident are mentioned, but not twisting. So I decided I would look it up on the internet. I found all of two sentences, one on each of the sites I found on cord accidents, about cords twisting. All they indicate is that it rarely happens and when it does, usually leads to fetal demise. No kidding? I did find an article that one could purchase. But it was about the twisting of umbilical cords in equines. "Caused by fetal motility."

What I gather from this is - my son was the one in thousands that this might happen to. It's obviously too rare to write anything about it. He apparently moved too much and his silly cord just got wound up too tight.

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